Please donate to Mount Jubliee Ministry for Team Philip Meeks
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Please donate to Mount Jubilee Ministry for Team Philip Meeks! 

MJM is incredibly excited to announce The 5th Annual MJM Fundraising Event and Auction! Due to the uncertainties of COVID-19, we are going virtual this year. The monies raised through this once a year signature fundraising event goes entirely toward the program and services MJM brings to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Our goal is to raise $55,000 through your gifts, business sponsorships, churches and our annual auction, presented by Funwood Auction Sales. 

This ministry has been a true blessing for my brother Philip Meeks and they have given him many opportunities to flourish in life!!! 

MJM’s online auction will be held September 12-19. Anyone who registers for the event and makes a donation to MJM will be allowed to view and bid on our auction items from September 12-19! A wide variety of nice auction items are being procured on a daily basis. Please donate today toward Team Philip Meeks!

Thank you! 

Sheri Murphy 

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