COVID-19 Precautions with Reopening


Mount Jubilee Ministries is continuing to receive up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 directly from local, state, and federal authorities. This information will be used to determine the course of the action to be taken at His Path.

Because of our commitment to provide the safest environment for our participants, we will be implementing the following daily precautions during the His Path Summer Program:

• Staff members and volunteers’ temperature will be taken at the beginning of the day and at noon.

• Participants’ temperature will be taken prior to the parent leaving the campus and again at noon.

• If any symptoms arise during the day, the participant will be immediately isolated, and the parent will be called to pick up their child.

• Maintaining social distancing and hand washing

○ We recognize that our participants may not understand or struggle to remain 6 feet away from others. Throughout the day we will facilitate an environment to keep a healthy distance between everyone involved. We will use verbal and visual reminders to express the importance of not touching or hugging others and remaining 6 feet apart. We will begin each day explaining the rules and why it is important to follow them and repeat throughout the day as needed.

○ Parents will be asked to stay in their vehicles when dropping off and picking up their child.

○ Frequent hand washings for staff & participants will be required. Staff and participants will be required to wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water throughout the day. For example, before and after activities, before and after lunch/snacks, before and after any exchange of items. Staff will model this practice for participants and confirm participants are washing hands thoroughly and properly.

○ In the case of being outdoors or in a place without access to washing hands, hand sanitizer will be provided for all staff and participants to utilize.

• Performing disinfectant cleanings throughout the day and complete cleaning at the end of every day.

Masks will be provided by MJM on an as-needed basis.