On Saturday, November 2nd, Mount Jubilee Ministries successfully partnered with Feed the Need to pack 4,000 meals filled with rice, vegetables, vitamins, and beans. Mount Jubilee began to face this packing challenge headon through ChristCentered worship. After singing about the spiritual growth that comes from reading the word of God, Mount Jubilees program director, David Cullen, began reading Jesus Feeds the 5,000 from Luke chapter nine. Cullen explained how the disciples endured hard work carrying food to 5,000+ people while cementing the phrase “up the mountain, down the mountainfor the rest of the morning. As campers, counselors, volunteers, and friends began to feel the weight of packing 4,000 meals on their arms and shoulders, Mount Jubilee found themselves relating to the disciples who traveled up the mountain, down the mountain” to deliver the food to the 5,000+ people. Packing the meals with Mount Jubilee left its packers with something more than a newfound understanding of the disciples as joy followed from the fellowship and dancing that went along with the packing. Before sitting down to lunch, packers were told of the origins of Mount Jubilee that lied in the Appalachia region of Kentucky, the very same location those 4,000 packed lunches will be sent.