We can’t do it without Volunteers!

Volunteer at His Path

Thank you for your interest and desire to volunteer at His Path! We are honored that you want to participate in this opportunity to serve our Heroes. Your commitment to serve will not only be a blessing to our Heroes, families, and staff, but to you, as well. Your support of allows us to continue to fulfill our mission to change the way the world views adults with special needs! To provide the best volunteer program, we want to ensure everyone is aware of volunteer expectations and requirements. Please read through the requirements before applying.

Expectations & Requirements

  • Passionate and enthusiastic about participating
  • Remains focused on the Heroes
  • Holds self to a high standard as if they were a staff member
  • Compliant with MJM dress policy
  • Demonstrate the heart of Christ throughout their time in their words and actions
  • Keeps to a high standard of confidentiality
  • Dose not use cell phones in the presence of our Heroes. (If you have an emergency need for communication, notify His Path staff and excuse yourself to a secluded area.)
  • Able to schedule volunteer hours with His Path coordinators and adhere to set schedule. If conflicts arise with your ability to volunteer during your scheduled time, prior notice must be given to the program coordinator.

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    Apply now to volunteer at His Path and thank you so much for your willingness to serve this amazing population!

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    Learn more about His Path, our year-round day program for adults with disabilities.

    By upholding our volunteers to a high standard, we will have quality volunteers who our Heroes can safely interact and build relationships with. Our desire is for our Heroes to have many healthy relationships & this becomes a possibility by having volunteers! We look forward to meeting you and seeing the ways in which God uses your light in the lives of our Heroes, as well as the ways God uses our Heroes’ light in your own life.