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Help comes in many forms!

  • Prayer
  • Finances
  • Share our Social Media
  • Sponsor a Camper
  • Participate in the Family fun walk
  • Be a Camp Counselor
  • Join our His Path Volunteer team
  • Join our email list to stay up to date with how to pray for our ministry!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Would you, or your church, be willing to organize a group of teens and young adults to counsel at Camp Jubilee…A mission trip in your own backyard?
  • Would you be willing to talk to your church leadership about partnering financially with MJM?
  • Would you share your talents and gifts by serving as an MJM Board Member or Committee Member?

Want to sponsor an event?

  • Would you sponsor a camper for a week at Camp Jubilee for $600?
  • Would you be willing to become a financial supporter of MJM with a one-time gift or better yet, a monthly contribution?
  • Would you consider creating a team for the Family Fun Walk?
  • Would you consider becoming a Family Fun Walk Sponsor?

Contact us to get started!

Send us an email at the address below and let us know how you would like to volunteer! We are excited to consider you for this opportunity and look forward to the ways God will use your support; whether through prayer, monetary gifts, or your time as a volunteer to enrich your heart and further His kingdom.

Join our Mission. Volunteer, Donate, Advocate. Get Started Today!

Cecil Cottrell, Executive Director:

Phone: (336) 552-3766

Jenna Moore, Programs Director:

Phone: (336) 520-0260