Mount Jubilee Ministries is excited to announce our His Path “Perennial Project”. With the help of horticulture specialist, Sarah Overby, we have purchased over 2000 perennial plugs along with soil and containers in which to plant them. Sarah has a genuine love for the Lord, our His Path Heroes, and DIRT! Prior to becoming a valued volunteer with His Path two years ago, and now a part-time employee, Sarah worked with the I/DD population through a horticulture program at Chinqua-Penn. She is so excited to have this opportunity to partner with MJM in planting the seeds for our first enterprise.  
The His Path Heroes from Rockingham County are steadily making trips out to Mrs. Sarah’s for nursery duty. The ground cloth was laid without wrinkles to control weeds, containers are being filled, and over 15 varieties of perennials are being planted. The recent low of 18 degrees gave us a scare, but the tender shoots were well protected and survived the freeze.
Our special friends are taking such pride in their work. We are witnessing them take ownership of this project and enjoy their time on the job. Lord willing, our His Path Heroes will have a presence at multiple farmer markets and other locations throughout the Piedmont in the summer and reap the bounty of their hard work. Please plan your fall planting by supporting the His Path Perennial Project.